Friday, June 12, 2009

Tall dogs, short dogs

Polly & Georgie would be the first to tell you how unappreciated they are. I didn't fully understand the extent of the injustice until this week, when I realized that the puppies are now tall enough to put their paws on the kitchen counter.

Although my family had a black Lab when I was a baby, in my adult life I have had only short dogs (miniature dachsunds, French bulldogs, pugs, etc.).

After our last two cats went to heaven, I stopped worrying about leaving things on the kitchen counter. I could set a stick of butter out to soften before baking with it. I could prepare a meal and walk from the microwave to the sink without fearing that a dog would steal a bowl of vegetables, the dish towel, or a kitchen sponge (just think of the wonderful smells and flavors in a used kitchen sponge!).

Those days are over. So, so, over.

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LisaSCV said...

My oven is now the storage place because my almost two 12 yr old, old ladies have discovered stealing off the counters! They particularly like when a dozen Everything bagels get left out. Then they LAUGH at me when I catch them. Evil doggies