Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She's not as dumb as she looks

Got brains?
Polly loves Patch and the puppies and plays or cuddles with them when they're in the house, but for the past week, I've noticed her pulling a trick on them that makes me think she's not as dumb as she looks.

After the pups have been inside for a while and everyone has had fun, Polly decides it's time for them to go outside. She runs to the French doors and starts barking hysterically, as if she's just seen a dragon in the yard. All the other dogs come running and have to go outside to investigate, but Polly runs in the opposite direction. When the door is closed, she trots over to the pile of dog blankets in the living room and settles down for a nap.

They fall for it every single time.


ubon said...

I think all dog has their own little trick.

I sure Polly is so smart and cute.
I love her trick. I wish see it with my own eyes. I'll laugh so bad.

I have Pug, too.
Kun-chi, She knows how to act to call my dad,
in order to bring her up to the chair.


Jean said...

Thanks for all your kind comments about my blog. Kun-chi so so cute, and I agree that pugs (and most dogs) are very manipulative. I've seen a 7-pound poodle control a 250-pound man!