Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Interview with Fritz

My friend Lisa has almost as big a menagerie as we do, dominated by two Schnauzers, Fritz and Ziggy. F&Z have taken time out of their busy schedules to give us an interview. First, here's everything you wanted to know about Fritz.

What's your full name? Fritz or Fritzie
How old are you? I’ll turn 3 the end of July.
Who's your best friend? My brother Ziggy. He’s really nice to me and he’s really smart too!
Who's your worst enemy? I love everyone.
What's your favorite food? I enjoy most foods except for pretzels and fruit, (it’s a texture thing).
What's your favorite toy? I like to play with monkey and froggie, my pink flamingo that sounds like a chicken and our 4 cats, Harley, Pashmina, Sadie and Callie. Although, Harley sometimes scratches me when I corner him after we play chase! My mommy says it’s because he’s old and cranky.
What's your favorite time of day? Huh? What’s time?
Can you do tricks? I love to dance like a ballerina on my hind legs when I’m happy. I sit, lie down and can also roll over, but only half-way. (I’m still working on the full 360 degree roll.) I can also scratch your arm with my paw until you pet me and if you stop petting me I will scratch you again. I can do this for a very, very, long time!
What's your motto in life? I never met a person I didn’t like! But, I hate Aunt Judy’s dogs Muffin and Abby! She was my Aunt long before she was their mommy!
How do you feel about baths? I like the attention I get when I smell good. But I don’t like it when they pull my hair.
How many hours a day do you sleep? Huh? What’s an hour? What’s a day?
What are you afraid of? Loud voices, thunder and the Boogie Man!
Who do you love the most? My Mommy.

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