Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sisters make good pillows for tired boys

When Georgie arrived in our lives, we already had a dog, a bull terrier named Bessy Lou. Bessy was a terror as a puppy. Terriers can be extremely, persistently, stubbornly...energetic. We thought Bessy would never calm down, and there were times when I wanted her to shape up or ship out (as my Navy father used to say). Like the time she tunneled under a 6' chain link fence into our neighbor's yard at 6 am, and to get her out of there so I could leave for work, I had to wake the neighbor up...Bessy and I attended obedience classes at Roger Gallant's Kanine Kollege and I was never sure who was being trained, me or Bessy.

But when she was about 8 years old, Bessy calmed down, just in time for 8-week-old Georgie to burst onto the scene, full of boyish enthusiasm. Bessy would retreat to the couch, where he couldn't reach her, but that didn't last long. We told Bessy that this was payback for the way she had behaved in her youth. She became a wonderfully tolerant, patient puppysitter.

Rest in peace, Bessy Lou. We miss you.

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ubon said...

Bessy, you are great sister.