Friday, June 5, 2009

Little dog in a big chair

Six dogs are outside on the deck, enjoying the fresh air
and sunshine. One dog is inside, all alone. A little dog in
a big chair, looking pitiful (her specialty).

"What's the matter, Polly?" I say.

"I'm bored," she sighs.

"Go outside and play with the other kids," I say
briskly, thinking, Oh no! My mother's voice is
coming out of my mouth!

"I want to play with my toys," Polly says.

"You can't have your toys during the day. You
know what the puppies will do to them."

"Then I want to sit in your lap."

"Maybe later. Why don't you take a nap now?"

Big sigh.

Ten minutes later, I peek out into the living room.
She's still sitting there, staring mournfully at my
study door. What a hard life Polly lives. No attention,
no love, no treats, no toys, no playing.

My voice heavy with sarcasm, I tell her, "You could
go live with some other family if you'd prefer."

She leaps off the chair, puts her tiny paws on my knees,
and wags her tail. "That's a great idea, Mom!"

Ungrateful wretch.

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