Friday, June 5, 2009

Polly's Bad Day

Polly's bad day just got worse.

Earlier this week, we discovered (the hard, messy way) that one of the puppies has diarrhea. After 2 accidents, I caught Berry in the act yesterday afternoon.

Today I cooked some plain white rice for him and mixed Pepto Bismol into it. This remedy, suggested by a long-ago vet of ours, has worked for generations of our dogs.

When it was time to give Berry his medicine, I shut Polly and Georgie in my study and let Berry into the kitchen. He wasn't sure he liked the rice
(new and unfamiliar) but did manage to choke it down. The entire time he was eating, Polly was
shrieking in the bedroom. Finally I opened the door and she shot out of there like a little black
cannonball, only to find that Berry's bowl was empty.

Then it was time to feed her and the rest of the dogs (I'm sorry to confess that Berry ate a second supper with his brothers, sister, and mother - no wonder he's fat). Much to Polly's dismay, Mr. P. put her kibble in her bowl and put Georgie's kibble in the saucepan with the leftover rice (no Pepto). The reason for this: Georgie's the Alpha Dog (in theory, anyway), so he
gets the treats. Polly could not get over the terrible injustice of this, but had to abandon her protest and eat her own kibble before anybody else got at hers.

1 comment:

Lisa O. said...

This little piggy went to market;
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy eats rice out of Caphalon; while some little piggies have none!

She even has a curly tail!