Friday, June 19, 2009

The screams!

Today Smoky caught a smaller critter and dove into our asparagus patch with it. We heard terrible screams as he tortured it. Mr. P. said, "Good boy! Kill the squirrels!"

I couldn't listen to it, went inside and forgot about it, trying to deal with everything else (puppies and so on).

Later, Mr. P. reported that the critter was a baby bunny. He snatched the bunny away before Smoky could kill it. God only knows how that baby will survive that trauma. But why is it OK to torture and kill a squirrel, but not a bunny?

I just know that Mr. P. hates squirrels, and has done in all our 22 years of marriage.

I don't hate them, except when they run across the road, freeze, and fake me out so that I steer my car into a ditch or oncoming traffic.


Lisa O. said...

I don't approve of bunny or squirrel killing. No Smokey, NO!
Only mouse killing is allowed at our house! But then again, we don't have an asparagus patch or any squirrels or bunnies for that matter. I guess if they were eating my asparagus I'd feel differently. I do love asparagus and so does Ziggy!


Jean said...

I want you to come to Tennessee to explain this to Smoky. Maybe he'll listen to you.